Ember and Phantom have produced about 10 hatchlings for us. They are about 2.5 years old, and began breeding at 1 year. They are unrelated. They are for sale along with another young pair. This pair share Ember as the mother but have different fathers. The male is just getting is hemipenal bulges now (gecko in pic 5) and female is the one on the teacup. We also have one 2 month old hatchling and 6 eggs. The geckos come with there heavily planted enclosures and lights. No trades. We are in Waterloo but can meet in Mississauga. $ for all 3 vivariums, geckos, and eggs. Vivarium sizes are 20g long, 20g high, and 15g. Also included are crickets and "The Genus Uroplatus" book. Geckos are 200 each separately for the younger ones and $500 for the breeding pair (pics 1 and 6). These are not beginner geckos, so please do your research.